TAPP information.

Teamsters Alliance for Pension Protection (TAPP) is a group applying for non-profit status which will  look to protect our pensions through education of political leaders, lobbying and legislative avenues.

Our pensions should not ever be viewed as possible perks we might get if we ever have a chance to retire. They are our deferred wages.

We need to find out why the Pension Protection Act of 2006 wasn’t enough to stave off insolvency, and why three rehabilitation plans since 2010 have all failed in New York.

Our volunteers will continue to try to educate all members, both active and retired of this current pension crisis.

first TAPP  meeting Kingston, NY – March 5, 2016
20160305_112610 - Copy
160 Retirees and active members meet
Attorney,  David Preminger addresses the crowd
Standing room only crowd at VFW Hall, Kingston, NY

Retirement shouldn't be risky